Sunday School (if you have an age, we have a group for you)  -  9:45am 

   Morning Worship  -  11:00am

   Worship Kidstyle (Children's Church)  -  11:00am 

   Christian University (dig deeper into the Bible)  -  5:00pm 

   Evening Worship - 6:00pm

      *Evening worship doesn't take place year-round so check the calendar. 


Does FBC Keiser meet only on Sundays?

Absolutely not!  Besides other groups or activities that take place throughout the week, Wednesday

evenings are another great night.



      Adult Bible Study  -  6:00pm

      G.P.S.  -  6:00pm

         *G.P.S. usually takes place for a while in both the Spring and the Fall,

           Contact us at to see when G.P.S. is available and visit the Children's ministry

           page to find out about G.P.S.