2016 Singing Christmas Tree
"The Journey of Christmas"

WHERE: FBC Keiser - Ministry Activities Center (MAC)

WHEN:   Friday, December 9          7pm
              Saturday, December 10    7pm
              Sunday, December 11      3pm & 7pm

FBC Keiser's Singing Christmas Tree is almost here!!!  This year's production is another joint effort between FBC Keiser and Abundant Life Community Church of Marked Tree, AR.  We think that's pretty cool!

This year's production is "The Journey of Christmas."  In this year's story, Mitchell Harrison is the somewhat reluctant inheritor of a small family gas station that is, as he says, "at the intersection of nowhere and oblivion."  Although his suitcase is perpetually packed, he never seems to be able to escape from his struggling business to take a long-planned-always-postponed Christmas trip, much less start the life he is sure God had promised him.  Spanning six decades, Mitchell learns that sometimes the greatest journey you can take is in helping others find the right road.  In the process, you may arrive at a destination far different than the one originally sought: returning to the foot of a manger...and the heart of God.

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